Did you or a loved one recently decide to adopt a vegan or plant-based lifestyle? If so, congratulations! That’s awesome. Are you worried about getting enough vegan protein?  There are actually tons of ways to get protein as a vegan, so no need to worry!  Carbs and fats are important pieces of your nutritional puzzle too, but protein seems to be where most new vegans get lost. if you’re someone who’s never really thought about where to get your vegan protein, it can be overwhelming. With many sources of vegan protein–from spinach to lentils, vegan burgers to chicken nuggets, you (or your kiddo, partner or loved one) will be just fine with your newfound diet.
vegan protein: bowl full of dried lentils on a wooden table with a wooden spoon full of extra lentils next to it

Dried lentils are incredibly healthy and very versatile. Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Beans and Legumes:
Lentils are super high in protein and can be prepared a lot of different ways. Here are some easy lentil recipes kids and adults alike love. Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? They sell a lentil pasta that is amazing. Made completely out of red lentils,  it’s really high in protein, and it is actually amazing! I eat it all the time instead of regular pasta now.
Chickpeas are a wonder food. Hummus is a classic recipe. There’s also chickpea pasta (our local Target and a lot of Walmarts carry this brand). AND here’s an amazing recipe for ‘chocolate chip cookie dough hummus‘ that sounds weird but is truly amazing, and high in protein. I just made it yesterday and can’t stop eating it! Related: anything from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog has always been super delicious and successful. If you’re looking for healthy vegan dessert recipes, look no further. I have lived off of her chocolate chip white bean blondies.
Pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, white beans…. all kinds of beans are a great source of plant-based protein. Here is an easy weeknight vegan bean taco recipe.
Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan:
Tofu, tempeh, and seitan all have a fair amount of vegan protein. Here are some easy recipes:
Tofu Recipes Tofu is a pressed soybean. With little flavor by itself, it’s ideal for dishes using simmering or sauces. Use sprouted and/or organic tofu if you like.
Tempeh Recipes: Tempeh is fermented soybean. Sounds weird, tastes great. It’s a little nuttier than tofu, so great to use in asian food, sandwiches or salads. It’s also a popular sub for bacon–here’s a classic tempeh bacon recipe.
 Seitan Tacos  Seitan (the name always makes people chuckle, or back away making the sign of the cross). It’s actually pronounced ‘Say-Tan’  and is made of vital wheat gluten. For more info about seitan, see this article: What Is Seitan? Seitan is filling, hearty, and a great substitution for recipes that call for beef.
Refrigerated and Frozen Vegan Plant-based Products:
Boca Chicken Patties are so good, and should be available at most stores. They’re high in vegan protein, can be grilled or microwaved, and go great as a burger replacement or in a vegan sandwich. I eat Boca Chicken all the friggin’ time. Like, more than most humans do.
Gardein products:  My omnivore boyfriend loves the chicken scallopini! Their meatballs are great and an easy sub in a simple vegetarian spaghetti dish.
Beyond Meat: While on the pricier side, their chicken strips and burgers most closely resemble meat according to my friends who eat meat. And according to me, who hasn’t eaten meat in over 30 years, they just taste good.
Field Roast–high protein and best-tasting. Their burgers are what dreams are made of, and their sausages are amazing.
Tofurky–an Oregon product, so I’m naturally partial to their delicious easy-snackable vegan deli meats (that peppered tofurky tho) and sausages. Also they make a broccoli cheddar ‘turkey’ hot pocket that is out of this world and the best quick vegan lunch ever.
In addition to the vegan protein sources listed above, also try:
* Hemp Seeds
* Chia Seeds
* Peanut Butter
* Almond Butter
* Sunflower Seed Butter
* Green Peas
* Pea Protein
* Quinoa (high protein grain)
* Edamame
* Primal Strips Jerky
How many grams of protein in each of these vegan plant-based foods? Here’s a website that breaks it down for you. So don’t worry! Even if you have never before contemplated how to get vegan protein on a plant-based diet, there are plenty of options for you to stay healthy, happy and well-fed.
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